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musicians institute: outside guitar licks

Lessons and Lines for Taking Your Playing Over the Top

musicians institute: outside guitar licks

Autore: Jean Marc Belkadi
Strumento, Arrangiamento: Chitarra
Media, Formato: Libro con CD - 32 pagine
Editore: Hal Leonard
Referenza: #84456
Prezzo: 17,40 Euro
Serie/Raccolta: Musicians Institute
Metodi di Chitarra - Musica Moderna, Jazz

Descrizione, Contenuti:

Written by Musicians Institute instructor Jean Marc Belkadi at the request of his students, this book/CD pack will help guitarists understand, hear and be able to use modern outside playing techniques in their own compositions and improvisations.
The book covers: four different concepts of playing outside (the chromatic, symmetrical, superimposed and 12-tone approach); the major, minor and dominant chord families; and more, all in standard notation and tab.
The accompanying CD contains 82 demo tracks, with most played at full tempo, then repeated at half speed.

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