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giovanni hidalgo: conga virtuoso (dvd). world drums dvd

giovanni hidalgo: conga virtuoso (dvd). world drums dvd

Autore: Hidalgo, Giovanni
Strumento, Arrangiamento: Congas
Media, Formato: DVD (Regione 0)
Lingua: Inglese, Spagnolo
Editore: I.M.P.
Referenza: #223154
Prezzo: 31,20 Euro
Metodi di Congas - Musica Moderna, Jazz

Descrizione, Contenuti:

A private conga masterclass Just For You!Giovanni Hidalgo has been described by some artists as touched by the hand of God. Hidalgo has played a major role in shaping the way the world accepts and embraces hand drumming. With legendary percussionists Tito Puente, Armando Peraza, Patato, and teh late Jose Mangual Sr. topping the list of hist most respected fans, his natural talent has brought new respect to Latin rhythms as well as to the rhythms of his birthplace, Puerto Rico. This special bilingual (English/Spanish)DVD offers a three-part conga masterclass on rhythms, techniques, rudiments and exercises, and singles, doubles, ruffs, and combinations. Especial Features: Legendary conga performances: Raul Rekow, Just Another Day in the Park, Giovanni Hidalgo/Changuito, Conga Masters Meet Interactive Drums From Around The World Additional Product Previews DVD-Rom Features: Latin Percussion glossary of terms, Tuning/maintenance PDF, Internet Connectivity

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