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rockschool drums: hot rock grade five (book/2cds). sheet music, 2 x cd

rockschool drums: hot rock grade five (book/2cds). sheet music, 2 x cd

Strumento, Arrangiamento: Batteria
Lingua: Inglese
Editore: Rockschool Ltd.
Referenza: #215237
Prezzo: 18,20 Euro
Metodi di Batteria - Musica Moderna, Jazz

Descrizione, Contenuti:

The Hot Rock series is about playing the music you love. Each grade book contains 8 classic rock tracks with specially edited exam pieces and the full transcription. Rockschool grade exams have an element of Free Choice. Out of the 3 exam pieces a Candidate has to prepare, 1 can be a Free Choice piece a track to the Candidates choosing this is where Hot Rock comes in. With specially edited classic rock tracks, Candidates can now play the music they love AND get a qualification.With full transcriptions and vocal lines, Hot Rock is also great for GCSE students. Features:Fact files Each song has a Fact File that includes background information about the song and band and further recommended listeningWalk throughs Each song has a Walk Through that covers the tone for the song and gives bar by bar hints and tips, with alternative fingering and performance suggestionsStandard Notation Edited Exam versions of each song Full Transcriptions of each song X2 CDs with exam versions, exam version backing tracks (click and no click), full transcription full mixes, full transcription backing track with clickHot Rock Drums Grades 4 5 from Rockschool on Vimeo.

Cherub Rock [Smashing Pumpkins]
Chop Suey! [System Of A Down]
Hey Joe [Hendrix, Jimi]
Late In The Evening [Simon, Paul]
Master Of Puppets [Metallica]
My Generation [Who, The]
The Number Of The Beast [Iron Maiden]
The Zephyr Song [Red Hot Chili Peppers]

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