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rockschool: 2012-2018 guitar technical handbook - grades debut-8. sheet music

rockschool: 2012-2018 guitar technical handbook - grades debut-8. sheet music

Strumento, Arrangiamento: Chitarra (Guitar Tab)
Lingua: Inglese
Editore: Rockschool Ltd.
Referenza: #215199
Prezzo: 13,00 Euro
Metodi di Chitarra (Guitar Tab) - Musica Moderna, Jazz

Descrizione, Contenuti:

Perfect for teachers and students the Rockschool 2012-2018 Guitar Technical Handbook features every riff, scale, arpeggio and chord you need to complete your Guitar Grade Exam (Grades Debut-8). The Technical Handbook contains an audio CD so you ll be able to nail the technical exercises in your exam as well as improve your technical ability at home. The Guitar Technical Handbook features: Grade-by-grade overview What s new at each grade and the technical work requiredGrade-by-grade ordering Every key, starting note and fingering pattern 3x Stylistic Study examples (Grades 6-8) Comprehensive examples from metal-Latin. Frequently Asked Questions section Questions you might find useful before your examUse alongside Rockschool Grade Books to improve exam performance and technical ability. For more information visit rockschool.co.uk or email info@rockschool.co.uk All Rockschool grades are fully accredited throughout the UK by the qualifications regulators of England (OfQual) The Welsh Government (DCELLS) Northern Ireland (CCEA) AND Scotland (SQA Accreditation).

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