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young jazz ensemble: you raise me up. big band & concert band sheet music, cd

young jazz ensemble: you raise me up. big band & concert band sheet music, cd

Autore: Graham, Brendan - Smukal, Mike - L°vland, Rolf
Strumento, Arrangiamento: Big Band, Banda
Media, Formato: Libro di spartiti con CD - 60 pagine
Lingua: Inglese
Editore: Universal
Referenza: #179912
Prezzo: 49,34 Euro
Album di Big Band, Banda - Musica Jazz, Moderna

Descrizione, Contenuti:

You Raise Me Up is part of the wonderful Young Jazz Ensemble series, designed for developing Jazz groups and young players of grade 2 standard. The full instrumentation for a large brass band is provided though this flexible ensemble is versatile enough to be played by smaller groups, as are further optional parts to extend or alter the arrangement to suit. A smash hit on either side of the Atlantic performed by vocal star Josh Groban and Westlife, and also sung as a touching tribute to the NASA space shuttle Columbia astronauts, this uplifting melody has arranged for the young Jazz ensemble. Featuring a tenor sax solo with modest brass ranges, thisn straight eigth-note chart will come together. This chart builds in intensity, with modulations from F to G to A-Flat. This is a must have, enjoyable and entertaining edition. This fabulous package also contains a CD including all the songs from the series, played by professional musicians, allowing yiou to hear how each arrangement should sound.

You Raise Me Up

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