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jim odrich: rondo for clarinet or bass clarinet. sheet music, cd

jim odrich: rondo for clarinet or bass clarinet. sheet music, cd

Autore: Jim Odrich
Strumento, Arrangiamento: Clarinetto, Clarinetto basso
Media, Formato: Libro di spartiti con CD
Lingua: Inglese
Editore: Music Minus One
Referenza: #170000
Prezzo: 27,24 Euro
Album di Clarinetto, Clarinetto basso - Musica Classica

Descrizione, Contenuti:

Composer Jim Odrich’s Rondo for Clarinet and Orchestra is a delight for any clarinetist. Odrich along with his brother, clarinetist Ron Odrich, decided the piece would be written for symphony orchestra, while giving the clarinetist the option to perform the solo part with either B Flat clarinet or the larger bass clarinet. The result of their efforts is a work that features moments of contemplative lyricism as well as exuberant expressions of joy and excitement. The orchestral figures are performed with comfort and elegance, while the rhythm section provides a subtle controlled underlying pulsation that never gets anywhere close to overpowering the orchestra. Ron performs the clarinet solo, adding a generous sprinkling of ad-lib creations.This Music Minus One edition includes a printed edition of the complete solo part, engraved on easy-to-read, acid-free ivory paper. The compact disc contains the complete performance, as well as a version minus you, the soloist. "I wrote this piece for my brother, Ron, who is a virtuoso clarinetist equally adept as a performer of both jazz and so-called serious music genres. One of his many outstanding accomplishments has been to greatly expand the playing register of the bass clarinet. This instrument has long been used almost exclusively by composers and arrangers for its very unique-sounding low notes. Ron developed the capability to make the instrument sing in its middle and extreme upper registers much like an alto saxophone, something jazz clarinetists had never before attempted nor even thought to do." Jim Odrich

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