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antonio carlos jobim: brazillian bossa novas - trumpet. sheet music, cd

antonio carlos jobim: brazillian bossa novas - trumpet. sheet music, cd

Autore: Antonio Carlos Jobim
Strumento, Arrangiamento: Tromba
Media, Formato: Libro di spartiti con CD
Lingua: Inglese
Editore: Music Minus One
Referenza: #169996
Prezzo: 32,44 Euro
Album di Tromba - Musica Moderna, Jazz

Descrizione, Contenuti:

Antonio Carlos Jobim is arguably the world s top composer in the 1960s, and the first non-American popular writer to make a deep impression in the United States. Jobim, whose music is synonymous with the Bossa Nova, was a composer of beautiful melodies, a dozen of which caught on as standards. At a time when the great American songbook was running out of gas after 50 years, Jobim s music invigorated the scene, giving both pop singers and jazz musicians a large number of rewarding compositions to perform. Brazilian music became highly influential around the world due to Jobim s songs.Decades after they were written, the great songs of Antonio Carlos Jobim, with their beautiful melodies, heartfelt lyrics and haunting atmosphere, continue to enrich music and bring joy to today s listeners. Trumpeter Bob Zottola is featured on the complete reference versions included in this album, performing versions of ten of the composer s finest and most beloved compositions, all dating from his prime period in the 1960s.This Music Minus One edition includes a transcribed note-for-note trumpet solo part, printed on easy-to-read, acid-free ivory paper. The CD contains a complete performance of each piece in digital stereo, followed by a second digital stereo version minus the soloist.

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Once I Loved
One Note Samba
How Insensitive

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